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SpaBath Online Bathrooms was New Zealand's first online bathroom shop, and has developed over the past few years to meet our customer's needs. We have your interests at heart providing you not only with affordable and luxurious bathroom fittings and of course Spa Baths, but also providing expertise and assistance with choosing the bathroom that suits your home, decor, and taste. Quality is very important to us, and we believe that the products we promote are among the highest quality in the world, at a very competitive price. So browse our store with confidence and choose a bathroom of luxury.

While most of our more popular ranges of luxurious bathroomware is available ex-stock, including good stocks of our most popular lines of spabaths. Some more specialist items may only be available on order, so the earliest you start planning your new SpaBath bathroom, the better! We also offer laybuy, complimentary storage, and full support in planning your bathroom in preparation for your consignment.

We offer online & mail-order products. We also are able to ship bathware to the far corners of the country, while providing excellent online assistance and support from our North Island bases.

Look no further, get your bathroom squared away now, quickly and easily, and know you're getting a luxurious bathroom at the best prices in New Zealand.

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